Neurotransmitter Test Kit

Neurotransmitter Test Kit

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The Most Advanced, Complete, and Convenient Test Kit Available

Thank you for your interest in purchasing an at-home Neurotransmitter Testing Kit!

We at NeuroLogic are excited to offer you an opportunity to harness your brain’s ability to change and design the resilient life you’ve dreamed of. This purchase includes the neurotransmitter testing kit available for purchase on this site and follow-up interpretation and coaching.


NeuroAdvanced Profile – GABA, Glu, Gly, DA, Epi, NE, HIST, 5-HT, PEA, DOPAC, HVA, 5-HIAA, NMN, VMA & Crtn

The NeuroAdvanced profile is ideal for assessing psychological conditions, helping get to the root of issues such as adrenal dysfunction, mood disorders, lack of ambition or libido, OCD and ADD/ADHD. This testing also helps zero in on an individual’s chemistry and guides providers to treatments that are targeted more precisely. Note: The NeuroAdvanced profile may be ordered in combination with any add-on listed below. Add-ons are not available without ordering the NeuroAdvanced profile.

Stress and Sleep Profile - Diurnal Cortisol (x4), Cortisone (x4), Melatonin (x4), Norepinepherine (x4) & Epinephrine (x4)

Test for the circadian rhythm of melatonin in concert with urinary free cortisol (UFC) to assess sleep/wake cycle dysfunction. Urine is collected on filter strips at 4 time points throughout the day representative of the peaks and troughs of melatonin and cortisol production. The first urine void represents the 8 hours or so of overnight peak melatonin production, eliminating the need for middle of the night collection.

Results: A detailed physician report along with individualized recommendations will be emailed to you once testing is complete.

The brain is a powerful tool and prior to your purchase, we want to make sure that all parties are on the same page.

Although we, the owners of Neurologic, are doctors, we want you to understand that we are not YOUR doctor simply by purchasing this device. After purchase and home testing, our coaches and medical practitioners will offer you an interpretation of your home results. However, any information or advice given by the Company on the Websites or during those calls is not meant to take the place of advice of the licensed healthcare professionals in your life (or that you should have in your life). It is general advice, strategies, and interpretation. If You are under the care of a healthcare professional or currently use prescription medications, you should discuss any changes with your Doctor or healthcare professional prior to instituting them.

NeuroLogic DOES NOT recommend discontinuing use of any medications that have been prescribed to you, whether that is by your doctor or psychologist or otherwise, or changing any care that has been recommended to you.